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Mediate for Harmony

Why battle it out in a courtroom when you can find common ground? My expertise in mediation can help you navigate disputes with civility and understanding, promoting quicker resolutions that spare you time, money, and stress.

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Divorce with Dignity

When it comes to parting ways, I believe in ending chapters, not relationships. My empathetic approach specializes in smooth and respectful divorce processes, ensuring that you can move forward without unnecessary hassle.

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Prenuptial Agreements

Love is grand, and practicality is paramount. Secure your future with a prenuptial agreement that's as clear as your affection for each other. My user-friendly approach ensures that you can protect your interests without complications.

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Client Experiences that Speak Volumes

Explore our testimonials, where you can delve into the genuine experiences of those who entrusted me with their legal matters. These testimonials offer real voices sharing real results, fostering transparency and trust. Coming from a range of diverse perspectives and backgrounds, I invite you to read through my clients' feedback and witness the difference Ive made in their lives

Ms. Nicotra is the definition of a Winner! She helped me get my daughter back. I was so stressed and didn't know what to do because the father of my child was slandering my name to the courts and somehow he got custody for two months. I contacted her because she was already working on another case of mine and I heard many great things about her in family court. Ms. Nicotra is a professional and will get the job done.


Frances was an excellent lawyer. She represented me over and above. She took the case and worked hard on my behalf. I trusted her 100% with a case that was not easy for any other lawyer to handle in all of Hudson County. She understood the case when I came in to see her. Frances stood up and defended me till the end. I'm very proud to have had her stand by me and with me in the courtroom. I'm proud of her outstanding work.


I would like to thank you not only for representing me in court but also for your caring kindness you offer during a very difficult time in my life. You truly exemplify excellent character which cannot be purchased or learned but a way of life, may God bless you and your family richly with love, joy, hope, peace and overall prosperity this day & everyday.

R & Family

I feel so much more at ease now that the divorce is taken care of. I couldn't have done this without Frances Nicotra, Esq. I will recommend her to anyone I come across in a similar situation.


I can now say without equivocation that Miss Frances Nicotra is a credit to her profession! I found her to be very thorough, honest, competent, reliable, trustworthy and more. She always instructed me on what I needed to know and not what I wanted to hear. In the courtroom, Miss Nicotra handled everything with ease like a true pro. Hiring Miss Nicotra as my attorney was definitely money well spent and thanks to her, I am today a very happily divorced man. Frances, I cannot thank you enough... Long may you continue to grow from strength to strength.


Ms Nicotra is awesome, she is personable. She was able to make me understand where I stood. I was able to get a settlement with only one court appearance in my favor. I will absolutely use her services in the future if needed. I am in Suffolk County NY and she was wonderful at getting back to me when I needed information. Very satisfied.