- New Jersey & New York Attorney with over 30 years of experience.
- Certified Mediator
- Diversity Scholar, American Bar Association.
- Member, National Council of Bar Presidents.
- 21st Century Lawyer Committee Member, American Bar Association.
- President, Hudson County Bar Association (2021 Term).

Jersey City Law Firm specializing in Mediation, Prenuptial Agreements, Divorce, Family Law, Alimony/Spousal Support, Same Sex Partner's Rights, Father's Rights, Child Custody, Child Support, Parenting Time, Domestic Violence, Workplace Discrimination/Sexual Harassment, Municipal Court Disorderly Criminal Offenses, Personal Injury, Guardianships, Estate Administration & Probate.

Frances Nictora, Esq.

Family Attorney Serving the Hoboken, NJ, Area

Admitted in New York and New Jersey in 1992 with over 30 years of experience, it is this Law Firm's mission to use legal knowledge and skill to reach the client's goal and help improve his or her life.

All clients deserve the highest degree of personal attention. Frances Nicotra pays attention and listens carefully to each client, has a great deal of empathy for each client's needs and goals, is realistic and pragmatic in how to achieve a fair outcome within the paramaters of the law and communicates and advocates strongly to obtain the best possible results.

As a long time Trustee and 2021 President of the Hudson Coutry Bar Association, Frances Nicotra maintains a professional rapport with judges and colleagues in New York and New Jersey courts because she knows the value of working together with integrity no matter how complex the legal matter. This translates to more effective advocacy and resolution, which results in significant savings to a client's legal fee.

Upon speaking and meeting with Frances Nicotra, a client knows just how much passion she has for the practice of law and taking care of her clients. Frances Nicotra, Esq. is available to speak with each client and returns all telephone calls and emails promptly. Frances Nicotra balances an effective and dedicated support staff with the utmost care to protect client confidentiality.

Frances Nictora Law Firm

The Law Firm

A lawyer is not a luxury. Don't make the mistake of putting off hiring an attorney for the most important issues affecting your life and your loved ones. The legal issues you face impact your well being and the well being of your family. Trying to handle these matters without the careful, guided hand of an experienced and attentive attorney is not recommended and puts you at risk of not protecting yourself.

The law is in a constant state of change. The stress of marital problems, divorce, child custody issues and lack of spousal support, alimony or child support make it harder to get by. If you are getting a divorce, the time to do it is now. New tax laws have eliminated the alimony tax deduction for all divorces after December 31, 2018. Consult your accountant for tax advice and call our office to schedule an appointment. Alimony reform laws have made it necessary to have an attorney to obtain the best award for you, especially in cases where either party owns a business and/or or a spouse's income varies from year to year. Determining a spouse's income for child support calculations can be equally challenging when either party owns a business and/or income varies from year to year. Obtaining a domestic violence final restraining order can be an exhaustive process, but one that protects your safety and may also permit you to recover reimbursement for medical expenses, counseling expenses, rent or mortgage payments and pain and suffering.

Having a Domestic Violence Restraining Order, petty disorderly persons and disorderly persons offenses can compromise your ability to find and keep work, get into the school of your choice, obtain financial aid and can also prevent you from obtaining legal citizenship. Expungements of certain criminal offenses give you a fresh start and a competitive advantage to obtain employment and/or get into the school of your choice.

The health and wellness of an incapacitated/vulnerable child or elder in your family are at risk each day that goes by when there is no legal document that permits you to make medical and financial decisions on his or her behalf.

Winding down a loved one's estate is most difficult to handle at a time when you are in mourning and grieving the loss.

Handling your own personal injury case at the same time you are trying to heal yourself gives the insurance company an opportunity to take advantage of settling your case far lower than an experienced attorney would who is working for you to achieve the highest possible settlement.

Workplace discrimination or sexual harassment compromises your ability to function well at your job, puts you at risk of losing your job and affects your ability to find a new job that suits you better.


Listening is a virtue filled with empathy, understanding, and recognizing that we are all unique.

Being a successful mediator requires the gift of active listening, forming creative resolution methods, and assisting the parties to find their own power to make their own decisions over their case instead of an overworked, understaffed and extremely backlogged Court system. With those stressful challenges the Court system faces, the attention of a mediator will exceed that of the Court and with that in mind, you will be successful and you will save great time and money. If you are ready and committed to mediation, call today and let’s get started.

The benefits of having an attorney are more important now than ever

At the Law Firm of Frances Nicotra, Esq., the Firm's goal is to provide you with excellent representation and move you into a much happier, healthier and harmonious chapter in your life.

Practice Areas

Below are areas of practice and expertise offered.

Frances Nicotra, Esq.

New York and New Jersey Mediation

Family Law & Matrimonial Law

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Father's Rights
  • Same Sex Partner's Rights
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Mediation
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Spousal Support
  • Parenting Time
  • Visitation
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Property Distribution
  • Pet Rights
  • Domestic Violence
  • Restraining Orders
  • Orders of Protection

Criminal Law

  • Disorderly Persons Offenses
  • Petty Disorderly Persons Offenses
  • Domestic Violence

Estate Administration & Probate

Frances Nicotra, Esq.


  • Incapacitated Adults
  • Guardian Ad Litem
  • Elder Abuse/Neglect​
  • Vulnerable Adults

Workplace Discrimination

  • Race
  • Sex
  • Gender
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Age
  • Religion
  • National Origin
  • Disability

Sexual Harassment

  • Hostile Work Environment
  • Work Conditioned on Sex
  • Quid Pro Quo​

Automobile Accidents

  • Negligence
  • Personal Injury
  • Bodily Injury​

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Verdicts and Settlements

Note: Due to privacy issues, attorney-client privilege and confidentiality agreements, the Law Office of Frances Nicotra makes limited disclosure regarding the cases listed below.


  State vs. HA, represented defendant in domestic violence restraining order violation. After trial the Court found defendant not guilty after finding reasonable doubt as to whether the State served the underlying restraining order on defendant.

  LK vs. QM, et als., represented Plaintiff in an automobile accident personal injury arbitration. The arbitrator awarded Plaintiff substantial damages. Although Plaintiff was unable to treat for her injuries on account of an intervening cancer diagnosis, the arbitrator based the award in part upon her pain and suffering endured while treating for the cancer that pre-empted treatment for her injuries from the accident.


  JF vs. IMCC, monetary resolution for Plaintiff employee in a disability employment discrimination case, even where mediator underscored employer's claims of insubordination as problematic to employee's case.


  J.P.D. vs. L.P.D: Frances Nicotra represented the Wife for a divorce action. Husband was seeking to divorce Wife, obtain 100% title to the marital property and avoid paying child support for a child he was supporting that was not the biological child of the Husband or the Wife. Resolved: Wife retained 100% title to the marital property, Husband ordered to pay Wife’s legal fees on post judgment application, Husband ordered to pay child support for the non-biological child he was raising during the marriage and Husband ordered to supervised visitation with the children and parenting classes.


  R.P. v. L.B.: Frances Nicotra represented the Father of the child. Mother of child was withholding the child from the Father and not producing the child for parenting time. Resolved: Parenting Time schedule clearly specified, Mother to drop child off for set parenting time at the local police station, Father given access to school and medical records and Father given daily telephone contact with the child at a specified time.

Frances Nicotra, Esq.  

  In re J.J. and G.J.: Frances Nicotra represented both parents of the children who were removed from the home by the Division of Youth and Family Services after the division suspected neglect and abandonment. Resolved: Both children were immediately returned home to the parents.

State vs. B.R.: Frances Nicotra represented man accused of violating a domestic violence restraining order. Resolved: man found not guilty where the alleged victim was going to the man’s house to drop off their child for parenting time and stay to socialize with the man’s mother.


  State vs. M.R.: Frances Nicotra represented man accused of violating a domestic violence restraining order. Resolved: man found not guilty where the alleged victim’s son obtained the restraining order on his mother’s behalf after she suffered a stroke and was hospitalized in a nursing care facility and his mother still wanted to see the man.


  A.E. vs. B/C.: High-dollar settlement obtained on behalf of Plaintiff, an employee of 32 years employee, who sued employer for discriminating against him on the basis of disability. Where the Plaintiff had an alcohol related illness that he sought treatment for with a facility sponsored by the company and the facility released him without follow up care, Plaintiff was able to show that his termination after suffering a relapse was actionable.


  N.R. vs. D/M: High dollar settlement obtained on behalf of Plaintiff, both an employee of a real estate management company and a tenant, who filed suit for sexual harassment and employment/housing discrimination.


  EDCUC vs. GDA: Resolution on behalf of prominent non-profit housing corporation against the contractor/builder for breach of contract, breach of warranty, faulty roof installation and improper condominium conversion.

  Premier Capital Inc. vs R.W.: Verdict in favor of client who was sued by a debt collector to collect on a guaranteed student loan. Held: debt collector was unable to prove that it had all the rights of a federal guarantor and it failed to establish that client breached a contract to repay her student loans.

Reflections on Bar Association Leadership and the Post Pandemic Legal Jusice System

The Law Office of Frances Nicotra reflects on her year as a Bar President and the ever changing legal justice system.